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Freedom, Equality, Peace

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Racial equality

Many laws were passed since 1950 which were especially designed to create equality between the black peoples and white peoples. Now race of a person is no more a reason for refusing black men for a job, after all it could damage the business of the country. The race of a person was no more a reason to stop Afro-American children to attend the same school in which the white children were going, the race of a person was no more a reason to stop black peoples to stand as a contender or vote in an election.


Love: A Reason to Smile!

"Love" is such a word about which we are lost in the world of our thoughts by remembering the person whom we love most in our life. Love, affection and passion are the things that make a person imaginative. Love is in every human mind, God has made this whole world...

Racism: A Never Ending Tale!

Racial discrimination is an abomination of a person or community on the basis of race, color or creed etc. or denial of the general human rights. Racism is considered the biggest challenge of the present society. It is also kept above terrorism. According to a recent...

“Settling” in Romantic Love

There’s a most common problem with the youngsters in their love life with their partners is, that their major need from love is more to their sexual needs and physical desires than true love. Maturity is required to make a relationship lifelong which the youngsters...


If you don’t have love in your life, it doesn't mean that you should not live anymore. Survival is not the characteristic of love. Also lack of love will not bring destruction to your life. The most important thing which matters for survival is justice. If you both...

Why We Can’t Do, What We Love To Do?

Since our childhood, we see a dream related what we want to become in our life. Even we said that many times in our childhood, while conversation with friends. As well as we grow up, we clearly knew that what makes us feel satisfied to do. That is the thing we love to...