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There’s a most common problem with the youngsters in their love life with their partners is, that their major need from love is more to their sexual needs and physical desires than true love. Maturity is required to make a relationship lifelong which the youngsters are missing nowadays. Mature and long lasting relationship requires few important things like compromise, tolerance, commitment and stability. But most of us lack these qualities in our early days because it comes by experiences. Mutual love and respect is the main ingredient of a relationship.

The movie “Sense and Sensibility” was based on a novel written by John Austen’s with the same name. In the movie there was a character named as Marianne Dashwood who fell in love with the handsome John Willoughby. She hurt her ankle and young Willoughby carried her home, lifted her in his arms. She said she was in love with Willoughby as his appearance was very dashing. But it was more lust than love. After some time he left her for a wealthier partner. Then she realised what happen to her and she found Colonel Brandon who was less handsome than Willoughby but have much better qualities as he was rich, honest, wise and kind. She married Colonel Brandon and lives a happy life. It was said that she is now “settled” which she wasn’t with Willoughby.

After watching the movie two of my young female students said that there is no man like Colonel Brandon. He can never be existed in reality. No one can be as good as Colonel Brandon was.

There are many young ones who foolishly reject good partners just because of their physical appearance. For them only good looking person is what they need, like the way Marianne chooses John Willoughby. As per Greeks thoughts “Erotic passion is very dangerous and not logical”. It misleads us to take a foolish decision. It depends upon our senses how we see people. Our senses detect external beauty but what we need to see is the inner beauty of a person. “Sense and Sensibility” is all which needs to be kept in the mind hence the novel title. Jane Austen’s gave us the message that what should we need to see to get the true love. In the end Marianne felt that she took a wise step, it lead her to get peace of mind and of course “True Love”.

“I hate the day, because it lendeth light
To see all things, but not my love to see.”
― Edmund Spenser, Daphna