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Since our childhood, we see a dream related what we want to become in our life. Even we said that many times in our childhood, while conversation with friends. As well as we grow up, we clearly knew that what makes us feel satisfied to do. That is the thing we love to do or we can say that’s known as our passion.

Doing what we love the most is like feeling our dreams come true. But, that happens very rarely. In today’s life many of us sacrifices their passion to make others happy. One of friends loves to write stories, but his father has never supported him to follow his passion. Because he thought it has no future. And after a while my friend sacrificed his dreams and chooses what his father suggested him. His father suggested him to be a Psychiatrist which was related to his academics. After few years later, I met him in party. He was looking very happy. He married whom he loves and has kid of age 3. He introduced me to his wife and kid. We spent a long time together after all we met after a long time. I asked him about his father. He said he passed away last year. Then I asked him about his passion. I asked him do you still love write. He said yes. Then I asked him that when your father constrained him, do he ever hate him. He said “no”. I was curious to know why! He said that he was my father and he never wants his son to be unsuccessful in life. He just wanted to secure mine future. He pleased me to be Psychiatrist which was based on my academics. He was just making me realize that life is very practical and we have to live it practically. He said that he is a writer too. But on the other hand he is one of best Psychiatrists of Country.

That day my friend makes me realise that we all can do what we love to do, but sometimes following your dreams blindly is not the right choice. Even sometimes we can make our passion our career and sometimes we need to make our career first then we can follow our passion. It depends on the choice which we make, even sometimes for ourselves and sometimes for our loving ones.

Overall the thing is we can live our dreams anytime. We can follow our passion with our career too. Never give up to your dreams. Never think that we can’t do what we love to do. Always think that why we can’t do what we want to do!