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Racial discrimination is an abomination of a person or community on the basis of race, color or creed etc. or denial of the general human rights. Racism is considered the biggest challenge of the present society. It is also kept above terrorism. According to a recent Daily Star report, racism is one of the seven most disgusting crimes in today’s society. Although, other crimes include terrorism, bigotry, tax evasion and domestic violence etc. The United Nations has also confirmed that superiority on the basis of racial discrimination is scientifically and morally reprehensible. Apart from this, it is also opposed to the principle of social justice.

Significantly, in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, racial theory was a part of the political and ideological half of the genocide. For example the massacre of Jews, European conquest of America, post-colonialization of Africa, Asia and Australia, etc. Presently there are no such situations but there is an expression of racial discrimination. It is notable in this context that a recent poll of 70 Migration Watch UK and Revenue found that 70 percent of Britons want to determine the number of Indian and other non-EU (European students) students studying there. Similar demand is also occasionally seen in America, Australia and other countries.

The first cause of racism is the development of racial sentiment. Some species consider themselves superior to other species. For example, American whites consider Negro people to be hey. Purity and purity have an important place in religion, so those with low occupation are considered inferior and inferior. For these reasons in Indian society, cleaning workers and tanners etc. are considered to be of low race.

Apart from racial and religious reasons, racism also has social causes. Class differences also arise in society due to prevailing trends and malpractices in the society. These classes prove to be helpful in the development of racism.

Presence of high and low feelings based on race, color, race. Determination of social status on the basis of birth. Under racial discrimination, the occupation of each individual is determined on the basis of caste, color, race etc. The policy of intermarriage under which each caste marries in its own caste. Racism is the biggest challenge to national integration. This can pose a threat to national security. It hinders the process of economic development and modernization.

It hinders the unity of society. Discrimination on the basis of caste, color, creed, etc. creates community enmity and hatred. Actually people with such mental instincts not only cause casualties to the common people, but also damage personal property and public establishments.

Racism not only results in economic losses, but also political upheaval, which causes public confidence in governments to falter. This gives other opposing elements a chance to propagate the government. In such a situation, the government has to spend unnecessary expenditure to deal with these situations.

Antisocial behaviors of antisocial elements increase during racist conflicts. At such a time, suspicious (chaotic) people get the opportunity of looting, violence and arson. The victims of racist violence are usually children, old men and women, whose economic, social and psychological effects last for many generations. Due to racial discrimination, the cultural programs run by the government are clouded and the pace of development is blocked, which creates a major obstacle to cultural unity.

This slows down industrial growth. Challenge of racial discrimination persists. The challenge remains even 50 years after the International Treaty for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination came into force in 1969. Many times the importance of ending it soon has not been understood due to political reasons. Instead, such speeches are used for political gain, which gives the hegemony to the dominionists.
The Internet acts as a fertile ground for inciting racial discrimination, foreigners’ dislike and domineering ideologies. Many times it is targeted by migrants, refugees and people of African descent. Racial discrimination deprives people of their basic rights in employment, housing and social life.

These following suggestions can be adopted to eliminate this factor of racism from the society and world –

The Constitution has given equality to everyone. In such a situation, there is a need to make efforts to make people aware of this problem at the administrative level and create awareness among them. Apart from this, they take any such incident very seriously and take strict and effective action immediately.

Social tolerance should not be compromised at all and a direct message should be given at every level that racial remarks towards the people of the northeastern states and other states will not be tolerated under any circumstances. The police should take the harshest action against those who do so. Dealing with intolerance and discrimination is not just the responsibility of the administrative authorities, but every person has to play their part in it. There is a need to make the North East Cell equipped with state-of-the-art resources and make it more effective. Everyone should understand that the residents of every state, especially the people of the northeast, are Indian citizens and have the same rights as any other Indians. In order to confirm this, the importance of the Northeast should be communicated to the people through the medium of communication, and the achievement of the work being done by the people there for the country. Education can prove to be an important weapon in fighting the problem of racism. The difference between high and low can be eliminated by changing the attitude of human beings through education.

The United Nations has appealed to member states that racism should be eradicated and immediate steps should be taken to ensure equality and human dignity. This challenge can be overcome to a large extent by ending the existing caste / sub-caste system in the society. Awareness program can prove to be very effective in ending racial discrimination in society. This program will create awareness among people about human rights, so that they will be able to raise their voice for their rights if exploited. People suffering from racism should be given help from the state so that they can return to the mainstream of society.