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“Love” is such a word about which we are lost in the world of our thoughts by remembering the person whom we love most in our life. Love, affection and passion are the things that make a person imaginative. Love is in every human mind, God has made this whole world for love.

Love is a feeling that cannot be conveyed in words, it can only be felt and this feeling starts coming in from all the boys and girls of the world only when they step into their teenage years. In those times, when we see any boy or girl, by looking at them, it seems that it is the same person who is made only for me.
Dreams and dreams around the world float before our eyes. Our feet do not stand on the ground and we live in joy and enthusiasm. All the bad things around also start feeling good at that time and it seems as if we are flying in the air.
All human opinion about love is different. This is because the definition of love is different in everyone’s life, like someone loves their homeland, someone loves their parents and someone loves their lover or girlfriend. But can we really call that feeling love? Let’s find out!

Love is a feeling that produces desire, desire and desire in our heart. There are no requirements in love. Love is a unique relationship in which people’s hearts are forever connected. “I Love You” is a short sentence, but in reality it is as deep and big as the depth of the sea and the height of the sky. A well-known person has said that “to love someone is equal to worshiping God with a sincere heart”. Love is a home of happiness is the real meaning of love is life, who understood it understand that his life became successful. In simple words, no one can survive without love in the world.
From humans to animals, everyone is hungry for love. Where love is found, we go on our own. With love we can achieve the whole world. Friend with the power of love does the enemy melt as well. Love is always pleasurable whether you give it to someone or if you get love from someone.

Love is the thing that supports us in living life. This is the sip of nectar which if drunk, the soul becomes immortal and if not found, life becomes hell. No matter how much wealth, wealth and comfort a person has, but if there is no love in his life, he will never be happy. Love changes the way people think and see the world. There is power in love that ends the distance between people. When love knocks in someone’s life, then that person completely changes. A person becomes humble, tender, emotional and sensitive in love. Love changes the greatest dictator completely. Nobody just walks in front of love. Love is not done forcefully, it just happens on its own, which we get to know later! Love only listens to the sound of the heart, feels the heartbeat. Love is not only the highest in the world but also at the highest rate of God. It has the power with which a person can fight the whole world for his love by breaking all the restrictions made by the world.

The scope of true love is very large. Love is not limited to lover lovers only. Love can be towards any person. True love is also between mother and child, between friends and also between student and teacher. A wife loves her husband, but when it comes to true love, that wife, as mother, only really loves her children. True love does not mean that you spend your whole life living with it. The biggest thing that happens in love is respect. Where there is respect, respect, trust and respect for each other, that is true love. True love happens only once in life. It takes a lot of time to be true love, it never happens to anyone. In this, people are connected with each other by heart and soul. True love is sacred like a temple. There is no lust and lust in it. The one who has sacrifice and dedication is true love.
Love does not need any definition. If love has to be defined then it will become a question, not love. Love is a beautiful feeling, a feeling that can only be felt. Love is the emotion that is born from one heart and touches the heart of the person in front. There is no language of love, but in all languages, love is the only thing that keeps people connected with each other. Love means connecting emotions with spirit. It is a boon which fills every color of joy and ecstasy in life.

So, that is why Love has been considered as the path to meet God coz Love is the purest feeling like worship and if you’re worshipping God with all of your heart then you’re surely gonna see God in your partner.
So, stop being complicated and alone, just go out and find your soulmate and make Love coz nothing is better than it.